OH&S, environmental, discrimination & partnership policies – Cairns

At IMAC Cleaning, we recognise our creditability and reputation is critical to our continued success and the organisations we partner with. Our company values are the foundation of the way we work, and our core value of service is central to everything we do.

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We are passionate about:
  • Health, safety & the environment—our first & foremost concern
  • Quality standards—high attention to detail, thoroughness & checking our work
  • Service—valuing & caring for our customers
  • Delivering results—our focus each & every day
  • Our people—continuing to develop our people to build our capability & platform for growth
  • Integrity­—doing what we say we will do
  • Teamwork—the way we work best, valuing our diversity & flexibility in our approach

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

IMAC Cleaning recognises the importance of how Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) policies and practices play in the commercial and industrial contract cleaning environment.

We create a work environment that is low risk, for our staff and our clientele. Effective workplace inspection programs are one of the most important preventative measures that can be taken to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

Workplace inspections play a key role in identifying potential hazards and ensuring the workplace complies with regulatory health and safety requirements.

Through workplace inspections, we aim to:

  • Identify any hazards in the workplace & determine their underlying causes
  • Assess the extent of risk of any hazards identified
  • Consider & recommend preventative and corrective actions
  • Develop an audit trail by which OH&S management activities can be verified

General workplace inspection checklists are customised to incorporate inspections of activities or hazards specific to a particular work environment. It may be necessary to refer to relevant acts, regulations, codes of practice and standards, which apply to the workplace or operations when customising workplace inspections to ensure all relevant regulatory requirements are complied with.

Workplace Inspections

IMAC Cleaning management mandates workplace inspections of each work site conducted at three-month intervals. Inspections are conducted by the management team or supervisors.

The inspection process includes:

  • The inspectors verify that all the action items from the previous inspection has been completed as per the inspection action plan.
  • The inspectors answer questions on the workplace inspection sheet & note down all hazardous environmental conditions & workplace activities observed during the inspection. The team also make comments about safe practices observed during the inspection.
  • The inspectors determine the level of risk that the hazards pose to the work environment.
  • The inspectors determine, where possible, the underlying causes of hazards & propose control measures to eliminate or mitigate the risk as far as is practical.
  • IMAC Cleaning management approve risk controls prior to implementation & ensure the risk controls are implemented within the time frame specified in the inspection action plan.
  • Documentation related to workplace inspections—including completed inspection checklists, risk assessment records & inspection action plans—are to be maintained & updated regularly.

Environmental Policy

IMAC Cleaning has a genuine commitment to protecting the environment and strives to eliminate the environmental impacts of its activities. Our goal is to provide maximum practicable to the environment by meeting legal and regulatory requirements.

Environmental management is planned for each site and addresses client and authority requirements. Addressing specific methods to minimise the environment impact of cleaning activities both in-and-around the site. Waste is minimised at all times.

All chemicals used are environmentally friendly and material safety data sheets are kept on the premises at all times and regularly referred to.

We regard our environmental responsibilities as a vital and integral part of our operations and are committed to maintaining the highest practicable standards.

Discrimination & Harassment-Free Work Environment Policy

IMAC Cleaning recognises the rights of all employees to be treated fairly, with respect and to work in an environment that complies with all Australian anti-discrimination and harassment laws. We seek to promote a work environment that supports productivity, positive self-esteem and personal goals for all employees.

Managers and supervisors have a duty to ensure proper standards of conduct are maintained at all times. We investigate complaints of discrimination and harassment—taking prompt and effective action. Proven complaints will result in disciplinary action.

Employees who are aware of discrimination or harassment in the workplace are encouraged to bring it to the attention of management. It is a mutual objective of both management and employees to eliminate all forms of discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Partnerships Policy

IMAC Cleaning is committed to the philosophy of partnerships. All contracts are entered in good faith and with determination to develop cooperative relationships with our clients, employees, subcontractors and all other stakeholders. We actively encourage our clients to establish formal partnerships.

We recognise that partnering represents a commitment of respect, trust, cooperation and excellence. The aim is to identify and satisfy mutually agreed upon objectives through a team approach, rather than by conflict or confrontation.

Our participation in partnerships is focused on achieving the following:
  • Team work
  • Commercial & industrial cleaning innovation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Open communication & issue resolution
  • Increased trust
  • Quicker decision making
  • Improved quality of works
  • Improved management of safety, progress & costs
  • A win-win environment
All IMAC Cleaning supervisors are required to develop an understanding of the principles of partnerships and to use those principles on all sites. They must also encourage all employees to adopt a similar philosophy.

Our company recognises that a partnerships philosophy is fundamental to business success and endeavours to carry out all contracts on the basis of mutual trust and cooperation.